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So I am having my third son and feel so helpless as I really dont know any labor signs to watch for. I had to go in to stop labor with my first son over contractions I didnt feel but the machiene was picking up. So with him my water broke at 38 weeks while I was sleeping and my second I had to be induced just after 40 weeks. So knowing what happens on my own is an unknown. I had contractions yest. when I woke up literally like an hour apart with slight cramping and it died down towards the end of the day. I just had a ton of pressure. Then I wake up at midnight in pain which felt just like regular contractions. They were like twenty min. apart not as severe but all over my entire tummy, for just over two hours then nothing and I could fall back to sleep. What is going on? This is confusing. I never had any of this with either of my first two sons. please help  

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