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party theme?

Have you guys started planning their 2nd birthday parties? I am faced with a challenge... SD is turning 11 and her b-day is a week away from DD. She wants to have a party with DD. Last year we did a ballet theme, which pleased both girls.
Now SD wants a cheerleading party theme (sigh). I found this Minnie Mouse cheer costume at Target (for DD), so I am thinking about combining Minnie and Cheer.
What are you guys doing?
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Re: party theme?

  • Since DD isn't starting daycare until this fall, and thus doesn't have lots of friends her age, we'll be inviting kids ranging from 1 to 8 (our friends' kids), so I wanted something they would all hopefully enjoy.  Along those lines, we'll be doing an ice cream social type party.  I've found a couple cute game ideas, like cornhole decorated like an ice cream cone, and pin the cherry on the sundae.

    Since DD's actual b-day is on a Sunday, we'll probably throw it that day and ask people to join us for her birthday sundae, or something corny like that.
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  • DS's birthday is on Father's Day this year and my SS will be leaving for the summer the day before, so I don't think we're going to have a party like we did last year. We'll probably just grill out with our parents. DS is really, really into Thomas the Train, so I'll probably bake a cake and put a train on top of it.
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  • I went all out with the Mickey Mouse theme last year. This year we're not doing a theme. Just bright colors, balloons. The party this year will be much more laid-back. :) Grilling+setting up water tables and little splash pools for the kids. 
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  • I'm not really doing a theme.  I'll bring a treat to daycare for her actual birthday.  The party will be with her cousins at the family reunion.  Probably just cupcakes and balloons.  She loves purple, so I'll probably just get purple stuff rather than any character.
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  • Minnie Mouse. Loves her. Its the only tv show that holds her interest too.
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  • If we have a party, it will be Elmo as it is her favorite character :)
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  • We're doing DS birthday party at the marina in town. They have covered pavilions, barbecues, a splash pad (if it's warm enough by then), and a park. We're going to invite some kids from daycare and our friends and family.
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  • I think the Minnie and cheer theme is a great idea!

    I'm thinking about doing a Frozen theme for DS. It's the first movie that's ever held his attention and he loves it. He calls the movie "snowman". :)
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  • I am doing it cheap this year!! A local venue is having a free event with kids activities the day after DS's b-day so we are just going to head there and bring cake. We also probably will hit up the Home Depot for their build a kit that morning.
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  • Sesame street!
    Audrey is going to be a big sister!

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  • gigantan said:
    DD LOVES Elmo so we are having a Sesame Street themed party. I spent the last days of ML getting the favors together. I'm pretty proud of how the favor bags turned out.

    Those turned out really cute!!! We did Sesame Street for his first and all the kids loved it.

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  • Thanks @emoxymoose‌!
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  • Meery82Meery82 member
    We are probably just going to have a small family party this year. And probably a cake with Elmo and Barney on it; his two favorites.
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