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Drinking water before c-section?

Last week, when I got the date of my scheduled c-section from my doctors office, I had to sign a paper saying that I understood all of the rules, one of which was to not eat or drink anything, including water, for 8 hours before c-section. 

Lately, I have been EXTREMELY thirsty at night (it is very dry in Arizona), so at my appointment today, I asked the nurse if she had any suggestions for how to be more comfortable without being able to drink water over night. She told me to "please drink water" and acted like it was no big deal, even when I mentioned that it specifically said NOT to on the paper that she gave me last week. 

I am very confused now, and I am going to try to speak to a doctor to verify this information, but I was just curious what instructions everyone else was given regarding water before a c-section? 

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  • If you have questions, you can always contact the pre-admission testing office at your hospital and ask to speak with the anesthesiologist. My understanding is that it is very important NOT to drink water.
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    I was told no. I was also very thirsty so I was just rinsing my mouth with water but not swallowing.
  • The c-section info pamphlet for our hospital says no food for 8 hours prior to the surgery but clear fluids (ex. water and apple juice) are okay up to 4 hours before.
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  • My instructions were no food or water for 8 hours. I woke up on the day of surgery with a head cold- called my Ob and she had me take sudafed and drink a full bottle of water- that was 6 hrs before surgery but she made it clear- NOTHING after that.






  • I apparently didn't get the memo on No drinking... And I had water in the car ride to the hospital. Everything still went according to plan!
  • I was told not to eat or drink anything 12 hours prior to my surgery.

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  • I was told not to eat or drink after midnight. I wasn't scheduled to check in to L&D until 12:30 p.m. It was June in Tennessee. I'm not gonna lie. I drank water until about 4 hours before. I was honest with the anesthesiologist, and he didn't seem concerned.
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  • I signed the paper agreeing to not have anything by mouth (except blood pressure medicine and a small sip of water) 12 hours prior to my C, but my doctor said that 8 hours out would be okay if I absolutely had to. Absolutely nothing after that. Obviously it's due to the risk of needing general anesthesia as well as nausea during your C. 

    If you HAVE to have something, either swish your mouth with water and spit it out or suck on a small ice chip. Usually the cold went sensation will satiate the need to drink. 

    Is this your first C? My first was in January, and honestly I was so nervous/excited I didn't even notice if I was thirsty/hungry lol. I do remember smelling the wonderful coffee as I walked down the hall to my room though! 
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  • I had to stop drinking ALL food and drink by midnight and had my c-section that following day at 2:30pm. Even afterwards I was dying of thirst and thought I could have some then but they wouldn't let me. We started with ice chips about an hour post-op. Then about 2-3 hours later I finally got water. They told me to just take small sips- I was so thirsty I drank alot!! Then, I threw up :o( They said I drank too much water and took it away again and went back to the ice chips for a few hours.
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  • I drank water before bed- which was at 1:30am, then while getting dressed at 4am and then in the car ride to the hospital at 5am. I didn't know I couldn't have water- but the csection webt as scheduled and I had no complications even though I drank lots of water.
  • I would call L&D if you have questions, they are the ones who are going to take care of you. I was told nothing after midnight, went in at 6 am with a c-section at 12:20 am the next morning. They did give me ice chips about 7 pm the night before. but I don't think small ice chips would hurt.
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