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Hi lovely ladies,
 My name is Rebecca and I did IVF a year ago and had handsome twins boys at 29 weeks and we are planning to do an FET this October. I set up my consult yesterday with our RE. 2 weeks ago I have my tubes removed due to stage 2 endometriosis and DH has low counts. I am a stay at home mommy to our boys.

Me (30) my best friend (38)
TTTC since "Jan 2011"
RE appt april 2012
Dx: PCOS and stage 1 endo
S/A 19 million, 48 motility, 1 morphology
6.1 progestrone
HSG: tubes clear
clomid 50mg + #1 IUI + trigger 6/9/12 BFN 6/18/12 Clomid 150mg +#2 IUI + trigger: 7/9/2012 BFN 7/18/2012 stage 1: endo removed 8/14/12
Letrozole 2.5mg+estrogen=cycle cancelled for little to no response
Follistim 75 (10/15-10/19) follistim 67 (10/20-10/21) cycle cancelled due to over response 9 follies and very thin lining
~ IVF #1:BC pills started 10/27~
~IVF class schedualed for 11/13~
~ Lupron starts Thanksgiving day~
~Stims start December 1st~
~ER: December 12th ~
~ET: December 15th~
19 R. 12. Fertilized with ICSI, 2 transfered
only 1 made it to freeze!
Beta #1 12/27/12 (26)
beta #2 12/29/12 (78.9)
Beta #3 12/31/12 (149)
Beta #4 1/4/13 (48)
C/P on 1/4/13 @ 5 weeks and 2 days
~ IVF #2 ~
~ BC pills1/15-2/3~
~Lupron beings 1/31~
~stims start Feb. 9th~
~ER 2/21/13~
~14 R, 12 fertilized with ICSI~
~1 made it to freeze~
~Twin Boys Arrived August 31, 2013
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P/SAIF Welcome~ everyone welcome

Re: Into

  • Good luck 

    Spontaneous pregnancy #1
    DD1 July 31, 2011

    Trying for #2 since Oct 11
    732973 Clomid Cycles
    2 IUIs 
    3 Fresh IVFs= 1 Ectopic treated with MTX
    Spontaneous pregnancy #2= Ectopic #2= lost left tube
    Spontaneous pregnancy #3= DD2 January 29, 2016
    Spontaneous pregnancy #4= Ectopic #3
    Spontaneous pregnancy #5= Baby #3 is a BOY!!! 

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  • Welcome and good luck! And, nice to know you've had success with IvF!
    Trying for #2 with IVF after damage done in a D&C left me with one functioning (but too scarred) ovary and tube to get pregnant safely without assistance. It's a really, really long story, but that is the gist of it.  We have one daughter (whose c-section birth started this roller coaster) born in 2012 after a miscarriage in 2011. 
    Failed 1st attempt at IVF (Fresh ET day 3, 1 frozen embryo saved) in December 2013.  
    Failed 2nd attempt at IVF (Fresh ET day 5, 2 frozen embryos saved) in February 2014.
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  • Welcome, and good luck!
    Children Mentioned!
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  • Wow! Three under three! That is an undertaking! Hopefully it all works out and you have your hands blissfully full!!! Good luck!!!
    January 2007- Stop BCP! Let's DO this!
    June 2010- MFI. BS. IVF! Ectopic. BS. image

    November 2010- FAILED FET! BS!
    January 2011- BFP FET! TWINS!
    February 2011- lost twin. BS. image

    SEPTEMBER 2011- DD Born! Most awesome girl in the world!

    November 2013- FAILED FET! BS! (screw you November FETs)
    April Fresh Cycle, FAILED. Frozen embryos frozen for future FETs.


    We can't wait to meet you!
    Conception:imageimageimage Potato Love!

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  • Welcome and Good luck! 


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