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Does weight affect VBAC chances?

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Considering TTC #2 soon.  With DS, I developed high blood pressure (never actual preeclampsia) and I feel it had a lot to do with being overweight.  I am 5'2" and 170.  I'd like to lose 30 lbs before getting pregnant again...but I also want another baby like right now!  If I'm taking prenatal yoga regularly and try MUCH harder to stay in shape and eat healthy, do you think my weight would negatively affect my VBAC chances?
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Re: Does weight affect VBAC chances?

  • The practice with the highest VBAC success rate in my area seems to think so but when they do take on overweight patients, they advise them to stick to the diet and exercise regularly. The diet recommended by the practice forbids processed foods, refined white carbs, sugar of any kind (honey in moderation is okay), white potatoes, white rice, etc and asks mothers to eat daily: something yellow or orange (like a sweet potato or a banana), 2 big servings of leafy greens, protein, and a diet primarily comprised of unprocessed, fresh veggies, fruits, meats, and nuts. Whole grains other than wheat are okay but in moderation - that's a tough one, I don't know how many patients really follow that. The exercise requirements: walk 30 minutes every day + 1-2 prenatal work outs per week. 

    Honestly, the diet's too extreme in my opinion even though I actually used to eat like that every day - paleo household. But the exercise requirements are reasonable IME if you take public transit. My commute to work includes 20-30 minutes of walking daily + walking to & from meetings + a little walk here & there during work breaks, I definitely hit my walking quota M-F. If you drive into work everyday, you may need to make more of a concerted effort to get the exercise in. 
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  • I've read numerous times that being overweight does increase your chances of a C-Section..

    so i would assume from that that it definitely affect your chance of a successful VBAC..but that is only an assumption of mine, I haven't actually seen research specific to weight and VBACs..

    Good luck to you!
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  • mmm50mmm50 member
    I'm slightly overweight and asked my MW the same question at my regular appointment.  DS's section was due to his position and the fact that my water had been broken for 48 hours already.  I made it to 10 cms and pushed for 3 hours but he didn't move because he was flexed instead of chin-to-chest.  

    She said for obese or significantly overweight people yes- it does decrease your chance of vbac, but for people like myself- slightly overweight (about 15 pounds or so) but still very active, it probably wouldn't have an impact.  She recommends the Brewer diet and at least 30 minutes of walking or other exercise daily for all her patients, but especially those with weight issues.  Her biggest concern with women who are overweight is the potential for high blood pressure issues.  
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