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Need motivation- only 5 weeks left!

Only 5 weeks left and my goal is to to something everyday. Do you have a way to keep yourself accountable while pregnant? I'm usually really good at this but pregnancy has changed this, which is fine for now, but would like some extra motivation by seeing what you lovelies do. Thank you! :-)

Re: Need motivation- only 5 weeks left!

  • I had absolutely zero progress during those end days of pregnancy.  4 days before my due date I had absolutely no cervical change, and the kid still hadn't dropped.  In the end, my motivation was to try and get things moving to avoid induction (which didn't work).   Obviously 5 weeks left is a little early for that type of motivation, but as the weeks go by, it might be something you think about.
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  • I have 6 weeks left and I am committing to 3 days a week at the gym.  No more running for me as of 31 weeks, but I want to stay active and keep my legs strong.

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