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Hi!  I live in the Brockport/Spencerport area and just found out that I'm pregnant with my first :)  My husband and I moved here about a year and a half ago and are still trying to meet people and get to know the area.  I would love the chance to meet up with some other pregnant ladies and moms!

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  • I live in Hamlin and due Aug 27th. :)
  • I live in Fairport and am due in October. I work from home, so while I've lived here awhile, don't know too many people myself. Would love to get to know some mom's to be too.

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  • I'm in Fairport village and am a SAHM
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  • Seems not a lot of people want to talk on a local Rochester message board. So sad.

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  • Maybe the three (or is it four) of us that actually replied on here should get to know each other - so strange that so few people locally respond - perhaps in this area, not a lot of people go on

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  • Yes, I would love to get to know you ladies!  Sorry I haven't been back to this board in a while.  I've lurked on my birth month board and the 1st trimester board and have seen a lot of drama and completely uncalled for meanness.  I think local boards are surely a much happier and more supportive place...?  I think so :)
  • I think I saw on another board that there is a facebook group that people have joined. However...hi! I will talk :)
  • Hi @mikrinikki and @jarhouse - Good to see some people talking. It really seems not a lot of people come on this board which is sad, as I love the Rochester area and community and wish more folks wanted to be on here. I too have been on my birth month board and been talking, not just lurking, but definitely seeing some snarkiness and drama - just been trying to avoid it.  I'm not on as much this week because work is nuts and then taking a few days off around hte holiday weekend - but would be great to chat with local folks, share experiences, etc...

    I'm not much on Facebook - never been as much a fan of social media - but if you find out more about the local Facebook group I'd love to hear about it. Thanks!

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    I'm from Rochester! I have a 4 y/o and almost 11 month old. Several of us are members of a facebook group. If anyone is interested, PM me. We all get together several times for playdates.

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  • Would you guys be interested in meeting up sometime in the coming weeks?  It would be fun to meet in person where it's much easier (at least for me) to chat about babies etc.  Maybe we could meet halfway between Hamlin and Fairport.
  • I'm due in December with my first and I would love to meet new moms/moms to be in the area
  • Yeah! let me know
  • I'm open to meeting up! Due in October and definitely open to meeting moms/moms to be in the area. Would have to be on a Sat or Sun as I work weekends. Anyone else would would like to PM me and we'll figure it out.

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  • I'm open to meeting up! Due in October and definitely open to meeting moms/moms to be in the area. Would have to be on a Sat or Sun as I work weekends. Anyone else would would like to PM me and we'll figure it out.
    Pregnancy brain - I meant to say - would have to be Sat or Sun as I work weekdays :).

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  • Yay :)  Sundays would work best for me. I can do Saturdays starting in July.

    @xfenix84 glad we've got another member here :)

    Maybe we can at least all settle on a day here, and then work out the rest of the details through PM?  Or can we PM multiple people at once?  I've only sent one PM on here, so not really sure on how it works.
  • I have no idea ha! But let me know :)
  • I actually live in Batavia but I have no problem driving out to Rochester to meet !! Maybe after we pick a date and place we can pm phone numbers and text since I'm not so great at checking the thread on a regular basis!
  • I live in Hamlin, so anything west would be good :)
  • I live in Fairport, so I'm east, but I can drive a bit west. This weekend is no good for me as my folks are in town. I prefer Saturdays to Sundays because my husband works Saturdays and Sundays is our one day where neither of us work - we try to make that me and him (eventually family :)) day. But I can give a Sunday here and there for meeting up.  Maybe we try for the weekend of June 21 or 22 OR June 28-29?

    We can PM and exchange numbers that way.

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  • Haha we are all pretty far ....but we can meet in the middle...the 28th or 29th work better for me ....and I just had my 13 week ultra sound today it was so exciting :)
  • Aw! So you heard the heartbeat? That is exciting! Yes, the 28-29 works better for me too. I can drive anywhere. Henrietta sound good? Just let me know :)
  • I can meet on the 28th or 29th.  If it's the 28th , I work until 5 and could be in Henrietta by 5:30.  Also, I'm going to be starving after working, so if we do meet Saturday, would you all want to get dinner or a snack? :)  If we meet on Sunday the 29th I'm available any time.
  • I have stuff going on during the day on the 28th as well. Saturday evening is ok, but thinking why don't we plan for a Sunday meeting. Henrietta is okay for me - about 25-30 min, but manageable. Maybe we meet late morning for a few hours - or just after lunch?

    Anyone have any thoughts on where? I know a couple of cute coffee shops in Bushnell's Basin, but not much like that in Henrietta.

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  • Omg hearing the heartbeat was so awesome and surreal. I can def meet in henrietta on the 29th , late morning would work great for me bc then I can go home after and lounge lol. I really only go to henrietta for chain resturants and the mall so I have no good suggestions : /
  • We could meet for ice cream hahahaha
  • Sunday late morning would be great for me!  I'm ALL for ice cream!  I don't think I've ever gotten ice cream in Henrietta before, so does someone know of a good place?

    I do want to hear more about these cute coffee shops in Bushnell's Basin, too...
  • Not to be a party pooper but busnell's basin is a little to far for me to drive for coffee...especially since I dont drink it lol. But if that's what everyone decides I'll just sit this one worries. As for ice cream I can really only think of abbotts at the moment.
  • LOL - no need to go to Bushnell's Basin - was just where I knew. Late morning would be a little early though for me for ice cream. I'm more of an evening dessert gal. But we can easily meet at an icecream shop or coffee shop - just as a meeting place - not everyone has to eat. Does anyone know Henrietta. It's not an area I spend a lot of time in - other than to go to Buy Buy Baby or occasionally the mall over there. We could just meet at the Tim Hortons there - if that works - get a muffin or something.

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  • I am game for anything. I do not drink coffee, but baby loves ice cream! I only go for the mall and pet smart :) 29th works here too.
  • How about we do Tim's.  That way there will be coffee as well as sweet snacks.  The frozen hot chocolate is just a step away from ice cream, I think!  It looks like there are several Tim's in Henrietta.  Oh, actually it looks like one of them has a Coldstone attached to it!  That one is at 607 Jefferson Road.  Should we meet at that one?
  • Perfect !!!!!!!!
  • That might work.

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  • little sister graduated hs on the 29th...I thought it was the I wont be able to come....hope you guys have fun. Maybe next time :)
  • *graduates
  • Think we all kind of fell off this - not sure if we're still doing this or not? Weekend is looking a bit nuts now all of a sudden. Maybe we try for some time in July?

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  • Yes, I guess we should do it another time then.
  • Ok. Whenever works for all of you. Just let me know :)
  • Hey! I'm another fairport villager. I am a new mom, currently nursing my 8 week old baby girl to sleep. I am not sure if you guys ever got together but I would love to go. I am planning to be a SAHM for at least a year so any day works for me. I worked at RIT (and will eventually return).

    Isabella & Julian & and now #3!
  • I thnk we ll sort of fell off - seems to happen on here a lot. We can try again. I can do sometime in August. Next three weekends are relatively full, but then it eases up again.

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  • It seems I'm a little late to the party and very early on in my pregnancy but I think it's a great idea to connect with other moms in the area! As some of you mentioned, I've been browsing my birth month board and found a whole lot of nasty comments that I just don't want to deal with. 

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