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Oil Pulling?

So, I just came across Oil Pulling and am super curious. Have any of you had any experiences with it?

Re: Oil Pulling?

  • Yes! I just did this a few weeks ago. I had sensitivity in a molar and I swear it went away after I did the oil pulling a few times. I suggest melting some coconut oil, don't put in your mouth solid its gross. It can't hurt to try.
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  • I literally just spit my first try out! And yes, you're 100% right, using the oil solid had me gagging. I didn't last the whole 20 min though- It felt like I was swishing spit around in my mouth. But, people are swearing by it so I'll stick to it!
    Thanks for the input!

  • No problem it gets easier! I always did 10 minutes, 20 was too much
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  • I agree, it gets easier! I do it sporadically and for about 10 minutes but my teeth feel really clean afterwards. Make sure you don't spit it down the drain though!!
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  • It's hard not to want to swallow.. 

  • I've heard of it & want to try it!! Any other success stories?
  • your not supposed to swallow it when you're doing oil pulling because it pulls out toxins. you'd be swallowing the toxins again and defeat the purpose.
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