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Separation Anxiety? Help!

So, for the past couple of weeks we've been battling, what appears to be, separation anxiety.  But, it only occurs when DH or I are home, and about to leave (or leave the room).  For example, today, Lily, DH and I were in the living room, watching a show and enjoying lunch.  At 1, I had a webinar I needed to attend, so I excused myself from the room at 12:50pm.  Lily was fine.  Then, Lily's nurse arrived.  Lily was fine until DH had to go downstairs for something.  Then, Lily burst into tears.  Along with the tears came wailing and thrashing and vomit.  The only time she would stop thrashing is when she saw DH, then she reached for him.  If he picked her up, she would stop crying, but if he didn't, her tantrum would intensify.  Today, her tantrum lasted at least 15 minutes.  It would die down from time to time but then our Nurse would mention DH, or DH would cross in Lily's view and it would all start over.  DH finally left the house to run some errands, and Lily calmed down within 5 minutes.  Then, from what I could tell (stuck in our bedroom) she was completely okay until I came out of the bedroom, she saw me, and I had to say my good byes.  Then, it all blew up again.

Honestly, I'm not quite sure what is happening here or how to handle it.  Lily never has separation anxiety at church, at therapy or at preschool.  It's only when we are at home, and when we try to leave, or when other people want to hold her.

Our nurse is a great guy, and I don't think he could hurt a fly.  And, overall, Lily doesn't mind playing with him as long as we're around.  She just hates being left with him.  Any thoughts on how to handle this?
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