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Changing Tables

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There is nothing worse that discovering that there is no place to change your baby at a restaurant or other business.  Most municipalities in the United States do not require any sort of changing accommodation to be provided for children in restrooms.  We want to change that, not through increased regulation but instead through social pressure on businesses that do not provide essential services for families. 

 Our website and soon to be integrated smart phone app allow for parents to make informed decisions about where they choose to eat or shop.  They can also find the closest place to change their child in a pinch. As parents, this issue is important to us as is keeping this information available to everyone.

We're excited about our campaign site for  and hope you will consider a donation.  We need everyone’s help to raise $6,000 to fully integrate our website and smart phone app.  By entering the web address, you are taken right to the fundraising site and can follow the easy directions for donating.

Please share this message on your Facebook/Twitter pages as well as email everyone you know that has a child in diapers in their lives.  Spread the word and help support us. So far, this entire project has been one of pure love, work and personal contribution.

Enter the web address  in your browser and empower parents today!

Re: Changing Tables

  • It's a good idea, but in a pinch I just use the floor or the car. Usually not a huge deal. Worst case scenario they'll have to wait a few minutes.
  • I agree, not a big deal. We carry disposable mats in our diaper bags. Places we've changed diapers include tailgate of the truck, floor of the van, counter in a bathroom, back corner booth at McDonalds, any random floor if it was cleaner than another hard surface close by and even on the ground both in parking lots and in the grass.
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