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Organic/natural multivitamin?

Does anybody know of a good company who makes organic or natural multivitamins?
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Re: Organic/natural multivitamin?

  • I really like MegaFoods vitamins, but they're super expensive. I've switched to Garden of Life raw vitamins.

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    I took MegaFood during my pregnancy and for a few months after. I couldn't take Garden of Life. They made me gag! I don't know what it was but the smell and texture just didn't mesh with me. I switched to New Chapter due to cost. New Chapter seems to have better sales online. 
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  • I use the New Chapter Perfect Prenatals as well.
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  • I like dr Ron's ultra pure multi. They have the most digestible forms of everything and it is formulated to take with fermented cod liver oil. I took the new chapter vitamins before I found these. Also dr Ron's sells liver capsules, which is excellent!!!
  • I use Honest vitamins.  I love Honest!!!!
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  • I've been taking Vitamin Code and I really like them! They don't bother my stomach at all. Most vitamins do! Plus, they bottle in glass!
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