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How do you keep your baby "regular?"

Little man didn't poop at all yesterday. Today he finally did, but it was solid, which he has never done before. Then while I was changing him, he pooped more, which was a little softer, but still different from his norm.
He has the similac sensitive formula, plus my breastmilk. We are currently trying different things to pin point what his belly issue is, and we're pretty sure it's a milk sensitivity.
Do you Mommas have any tricks to keep them from getting horribly constipated? I feel like this is just the tip of the iceberg, and I don't want him to get so bad that he suffers.
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Andrew Karol-4/10/2010
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Re: How do you keep your baby "regular?"

  • He is 2 weeks old, I should add.
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    Andrew Karol-4/10/2010
    Jase Eli-3/10/14

  • Probiotics could help. I would check with the dr first though, I'm not sure if there is an age concern.
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  • Babies don't have to poop everyday.
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    shaunessa said:
    Babies don't have to poop everyday.
    The stuff I've found on the interwebz says that babies should have at least 2-5 bowel movements within a 24 hr period for the first 6 weeks of life.  After that it can taper off.  But at 2 weeks I would be contacting my doctor if my baby didn't have a bowl movement for a 24hr period.

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  • My Dr. said that babies can go up to 7 days w/o a stool.  The issue is if he's actually constipated, which it sounds like he is.  My lil man gets constipated too - he is 3w "adjusted age".  We've been giving him 1tsp of prune juice in his bottle (eating 3-4oz) twice a day (we do 7am and 7pm) and it has seemed to help a lot!  If it ends up giving him the runs you might be able to cut back to 1/2tsp.  We tried pear nectar but it ended up making him really gassy.
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