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Option 1: ESY for three half days/week in July (no NT peers, same classroom teacher and similar support to what he gets now) + private daycare (all NT peers, no supports) the days/weeks he's not in ESY

Option 2: RDI/social thinking camp for four full days for six weeks (some NT peer models, great support) + private daycare the weeks he's not there

Thoughts? I know we shouldn't turn down district services, but the second program is very highly rated. It goes to age nine, so it'll still be there, but he's young and pliable and ready (I think) behaviorally to tackle the social instruction stuff. Picking the dev pedi's brain next week. 
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11/10/10 The Kid

Re: Summer Programs

  • Thanks for the feedback and the link. 
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    11/10/10 The Kid
  • I'd go for #2, but I'm biased -- we did a year+ of RDI plus made our preschool/kindergarten choices based on a curriculum (Tools of the Mind) with some of the same psychological underpinnings. 

    ESY isn't about making progress, it's about maintaining the status quo/not losing skills. Given the choice, I'd use summer as a time to ratchet things up/do more intensive therapy, and it sounds like the RDI program would do that.  

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