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Looking for the best kind of fan for nursery.

My twins need a fan in their room. We are going to start crib training very soon and we don't want to get the same fan we have in our room for the babies. It shouldn't oscillate I don't want a draft on them but it should circulate air and create some white noise.

Anyone have a brand they love?

Re: Looking for the best kind of fan for nursery.

  • We have a little Vornado fan that works really well.
  • agree that Vornadoes are FANTASTIC! We have 3 at home & I even brought one into my classroom to improve air circulation.
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  • I have a little square fan I bought at Costco last summer and it's great! I want to say it was $10. I point the draft away from her crib and the amount of noise on level two is perfect. I also love that if she's playing in her room and turns it on (she loves the button!) and puts her fingers in it, the slats are far back enough that they can't touch her. 

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