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Starting dairy free diet

Hi all,

My home is the Feb 14 board. My dd is 3 weeks old and ebf. About a week and a half ago her yellow seedy stools changed to green and mucusy. I saw a speck of blood in her diaper today. So I'm thinking she has a milk protein allergy. Anyway, I'm going to cut out dairy and see if that improves her symptoms but it seems very overwhelming. I was going to post asking where to start but from lurking around on this board I found a page that linked to this info  I'm planning to only eat the things mentioned safe on this site for the next 2-4 weeks to see if that helps. My questions are, is the link above a good source of what I can be/should be eating and will eating these things give me enough fat, nutrients, whatever to continue breastfeeding? Should I add some type of oils or avacado in somewhere? To be honest, my currect eating habits are pretty unhealthy right now, low on fruits and veggies and high on fatty caloric bad stuff, so I've never been worried about not having enough fats. Though I know I need the good foods in there too. I ebf my son for 13 months and loved it and will be really sad if I can't continue with my daughter.

Anyway, any additional informaiton you can give me or just a simple "using that link you posted will work" will be very helpful. Thanks!


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