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3 Fisher Price Swings--Different Prices--Small Differences. Opinions Wanted.

The $140 Fisher Price Rain Forest Friends Swing is on my registry.
Details on the swing:
  • For infants/toddlers up to 25 lbs maximum weight 
  • A 5-point adjustable harness keeps baby securely in the seat
  • Soothing cradle mode features a 2-position recline seat and the swing mode features 3 seat positions, giving mom plenty of options to choose from
  • Baby will feel comforted by the 3 plush characters that spin playfully overhead, and around a mirrored globe that allows seeing all around
  • An adorable, linked take-along frog toy adds even more fun
  • SmartSwing technology provides 6 distinct speeds for customizing baby's comfort
  • Music includes 8 soothing and 8 playful tunes, plus 2 rainforest sound effects
  • AC adapter included
  • Lightweight frame folds easily for storage
  • Seat pad is removable and machine washable
  • Uses (4) D batteries (not included)
  • One-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Imported

The FP My Little Snuggapuppy swing is $160.
Details on the swing:
  • Swing has an airy canopy on the back and 3 delicate, soft toys hanging from the mirror mobile overhead.
  • Seat has a removable support for newborns in an adorable puppy motif and 2 recline positions.
  • Swing features 3 seat positions, providing mom with options for baby.
  • Swing has soothing side-to-side cradle motion and traditional head-to-toe swinging motion.
  • Sounds include 16 tunes - 8 soothing and 8 entertaining - and 2 nature sounds.
  • Swing has 6 distinct speeds with SmartSwing technology and volume control.
  • Frame folds for storage.
  • Includes an AC adapter to save on batteries.
  • Maximum weight is 25 pounds.
  • Uses 4 D batteries (not included).
  • Imported.
  • One-year manufacturer's warranty.

The FP My Little Lamb Swing is $180.  

  • Seat position options: side-to-side cradle motion and head-to-toe swinging motion to the left or right of center. Your little one will delight in the motorized mobile with a large dome mirror and soft clouds with sweet lambs that entertain him/her from above.
  • The canopy and soft friend are tethered to the tray for additional comfort and fun.
  • Includes 10 music tunes: 5 soothing and 5 happy, along with 3 different nature sound effects.
  • Swing has 6 speeds and a volume control.
  • Swing offers the ability to customize your baby's experience with various settings: just swinging, swing with music, swing with mobile and/or music, or any combination of the 3 activities.
  • Additional features: 5-point adjustable harness and removable, machine-washable seat cushion.
  • Folds for storage.
  • Up to 25-lbs maximum weight.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Imported.

The only difference I see between the $140 and $160 model is volume control.  Is this feature worth asking relatives to spend 20 more dollars?  Is there another difference I am not aware of?  Does anyone know if the seats are the seats equally comfortable?

The only difference I see with the $180 model is again volume control and the ability to swing with/without music and music with/without swinging.  Are there other differences I overlooked? 

Which swing do you have?

Which swing would you choose?  



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Re: 3 Fisher Price Swings--Different Prices--Small Differences. Opinions Wanted.

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    The my little lamb swing doesn't plug in as far as I know. This was the one we had and ended up selling it since we went thru a bunch of money on batteries!
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    I'm not going to be much help comparing the three since I"m not familiar with the rainforest or lamb one.  We had the Snugabunny swing which I think is the same as the Snugapuppy.  We loved it.  You definitely want a swing with an AC adapter & we loved how ours could swing side to side or front to back.  As a NB DS2 loved side to side, but he like front to back as he got old.

    One tip someone on TB gave me, if the swing goes too fast for them on the slowest setting at first, put a blanket under their feetso it kind of hangs off & brushes the floor to slow it down!  

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    We had the FP Zen swing with DS then the next year bought the lamb swing for DD so we could have one on each floor. Both plugged in which is a requirement. DS used his for about 4 months ... DD slept in hers for 14 months!!!! All that being said we ended up using the Zen swing the most because it was quieter, layer back more, and motor seemed more powerful. We never used the lighted mobile on the lamb swing because the lights were too bright and she hated it. We didn't use the music either because she preferred her sound machine. All that bring said after DS used the zen swing, then DD everynight all night the motor finally went out ... So we switched yo the lamb swing turned off (it was obnoxiously loud) from months 11-14 with DD.
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    We have the my little lamb platinum from BRU. It does plug in! I chose this one because I liked the colors and had a 20% off coupon, otherwise they all have the same features more or less.
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    we have the snug bunny swing and love it. 

    2 things to make sure,  1 it plugs in, because battery operated dies so quickly. 2. make sure there is a mirror that she is looking up at, i think the rainforest had it not sure about the others. DD spent hours looking at it
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    The lamb doesn't have a five point harness, it only buckles around the waist.  We use his swing (snugabunny) until he was almost 10 months old, and wouldn't have been able to if it didn't have shoulder straps!
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    I agree with PP - getting one that plugs in is critical! :) 

    I never cared much for any of the music - the sound it generally horrible no matter what, though the nature sounds were sometime OK.

    I think any of the models would be fine so if it comes down to music then I'd buy the cheapest and invest the rest in speakers for your ipod.  Download some good baby music (look for the Kenny Loggins lullaby one!) that you can take with you.

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    The rainforest line has been around the longest, so I would guess that's why it has the lowest price.
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    We're registered for the Snugapuppy swing.  At BRU, it's $139.  I would just go with the one you like the best.  There could be coupons or sales that could adjust the price at some point. 

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