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Anyone out there with a pacemaker.

Re: Pacemaker

  • Adult or children?  I have rhythm/rate problems and was supposed to get a pacemaker when I was 19.  I freaked out, didn't do it and ended up moving out of state and the new dr didn't agree.  After exhausting many medication treatments, i'm currently holding out for the new drug that's in France, I can't remember the name but it affects only the rate in the heart, thus not lowering my blood pressure and making me pass out all the time like other beta blockers.

    DD1(4):VSD & PFO (Closed!), Prenatal stroke, Mild CP, Delayed pyloric opening/reflux, Brachycephaly & Plagiocephaly, Sacral lipoma, Tethered spinal cord, Compound heterozygous MTHFR, Neurogenic bladder, Urinary retention & dyssynergia, incomplete emptying, enlarged Bladder with Poor Muscle Tone, EDS-Type 3. Mito-Disorder has been mentioned

    DD2(2.5): Late term premie due to PTL, low fluid & IUGR, Reflux, delayed visual maturation, compound heteroygous MTHFR, PFAPA, Bilateral kidney reflux, Transient hypogammaglobulinemia, EDS-Type 3

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