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So what kind of stuff do 3 yr old boys like?

With my LO's birthday just a couple weeks away, I find that I'm stumped as to what to get my LO. Just curious what other boys might be into?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Re: So what kind of stuff do 3 yr old boys like?

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    Liam is obsessed with trains. We don't really do the separate gendered toys, but that is something that people seem to think of as a "boy" thing that he loves. He's also really into the Fisher Price Little People Animals, and he has a toy kitchen that he loves.

    I don't think we're doing a party for his birthday. We're going to the zoo as a family trip. Now, that he knows more animal names, I think it will be exciting for him :-)
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    @Grace0609 - We got Andrew a balance bike, too!

    @shaindelr - We went to the zoo on Saturday instead of doing a party for Andrew. He loved and had a blast feeding the giraffes. I hope Liam has a good time at the zoo, too!

    He is also very in to trains and cars. He got a little remote control car from a daycare friend and he loves it.  
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