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Do you have to have a nursery theme?

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Some people have themes for their nursery, but I feel like its kind of limiting on what can be in the room. 

What do you think?

Re: Do you have to have a nursery theme?

  • Nope. In fact, I like it better without.






  • We do not have a nursery theme. I actually think that themes can look more tacky than cute.

    We are just decorating the nursery the same way (traditional) that we do every other room in the house. It looks very elegant. 
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  • Certainly not required (nor are themes required anywhere in home decorating) but it does help to make the room feel cohesive if you stick to a specific color palette or a theme. In the end though, a brand new baby doesn't care what the room looks like. Nursery decor is more for the parents. It is nice to have a pretty room you enjoy being in though :)
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  • I was so confused when asked what my theme was when I was pregnant. My husband replied, "healthy baby?" Lol. I don't get it.
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  • We didn't do themes for either boy, just color scheme and I decorate to match the color scheme.  When DS1 moved into a twin bed, he also moved rooms and we decorated but I didn't do a theme in there.  So much easier to change up the decor by just doing color related things!  

    For DS1, his room has navy, cream, red.  DS2 has brown and red as the main colors but yellow and baby blue accents.  
  • We have a theme, but it's not a little kid theme or over the top. We used our favorite vacation spot and had canvas photo prints made and pulled our colors and accent items from there. The room is comfortable and cozy not cutesy.
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    With DD we did not have a theme really, just a color palate.  I wanted it to be kind of vintage, so I guess that was the theme.  For DS (currently pregnant) we are doing a vintage airplane theme, but are not going over board.  We got these sheets and this picture (it is made of metal) but I think that is all we will do in terms of planes.  I may get a cool vintage globe or something like that decor wise, but I do not want to go overboard with the theme.  We picked this theme because our DS's namesake was a WW2 pilot and he flew the plane that is in the picture (B-24 Liberator), so we thought that was a pretty cool connection.

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  • No theme needed. Baby only cares about being warm, fed, dry & cuddled.

    Pre-gender identification, decided that things I made for LO would be animal / alphabet in theme (because found neat fabric & was gender neutral; had neat piece of needle work in my room growing up that I always liked). We didn't do a ton of decorating pre-birth, however in the sleepless days & nights after we were home with the baby, DH found and framed a bunch of prints type pieces I bought in past years at street fairs and from travels. I love what he did because the framed items have sentimental value & will be able to share them with LO as she grows up. Decluttered & only cost the frames! Do what works for you!
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  • Not at all!  We're going with an overall color scheme of light blue/chocolate and do have a PBK quilt that has a lion, giraffe, elephant but that's really the only theme we have.  I don't really want anything else safari themed and thought for the art work I'd possibly get some scrapbook paper and frame it in the color scheme we have.  In all honestly, I was too lazy to paint and picked the quilt and sheet based on what would match the already taupe painted room.

  • We don't have a theme, just general colors. It's a lot easier to add to her room that way. 

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  • I was so confused when asked what my theme was when I was pregnant. My husband replied, "healthy baby?" Lol.

    I don't get it.

    This for me too. Though I'm also the girl who felt a little perplexed when someone I knew asked me with enthusiasm what my wedding colors were going to be. I always wanted to respond, "do you know me at all?" Colors/designing has never been my strength.

    That said, the florist made my wedding beautiful and I don't think I did so bad with the subtle pink and grey color scheme I went with for the nursery

    Found a pink & grey crib sheet set, a grey & white rug, and a friend kindly helped me by sewing valances with a pink & grey design. A few meaningful things to her parents remained on the walls, I added a pink & grey birds counting 1 to 10 print that I love, and with that called it a day as far as decorating went. And I love how it looks!
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  • We are doing more of a color theme verse an actual theme.  Gray and Navy with Coral and Teal as accents. I'm not into the whole "baby room" theme thing. By the time the baby is two or three it seems was to babish and you end up redoing the whole thing anyways. 
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  • alakealake member
    No theme in our home, but at our cabin, my mom did a theme.
    Big girl's room, is in a forest theme.  My parents made their bunk beds.
    Little girl's room, is a secret garden type theme.
    DS is an travel theme.
  • Our room is going to be book themed which I don't think is too limiting.
    Obviously you don't have to have a theme... Just a focus so it isn't overwhelming I would think. Like decorating any room.
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  • I'm not planning on doing a theme as well! I've had a few people ask, and they seem confused when I tell them there isn't one! The plan is to have a pretty gender neutral and not super baby looking room!
  • We didn't for DD. For this one, we were using this really cool lamp DH's great-grandfather made for his grandfather. It has a ship wheel on it, so we sort of fell into a beachy, naval theme. That has made decorating so much easier for me! I'm not a girly-girl, so stuff like decorating doesn't come naturally. We are sticking with several shades of blue and fun accessories like a little whale that has hooks on it that we can use to hang blankets, burp cloths, etc.
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