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Growth Spurt?

My LO is almost 8 weeks old and for the past 4 days has been eating constantly from about 9 pm to 3 am. When she isn't eating she just screams! Nothing but nursing is keeping her calm. She's had some pretty bad gas lately but she'll keep crying after passing gas or a bm so I don't think it's her stomach. Any thoughts or advice? We see the pediatrician in a week but I'm not sure if I should get her in sooner.

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  • Sounds like a growth spurt to me! Could be reflux I guess, but if she's not spitting up,vomiting, no fever and having normal wet/poopy diapers, it's probably a growth spurt. I wouldn't take her in sooner unless there are any other concerning symptoms.
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    I agree. It's likely a growth spurt and will be over in a few days to a week. My youngest was 8 wks on Tuesday. I think she's going through a growth spurt too. (As I recall my oldest did this around two months as well.) She's been hoovering bottles at DC for the last two days. She spends at least fifteen minutes longer nursing each session than usual and she's needed to feed A LOT more frequently in the evenings. She's been crying within an hour of every evening feeding and only additional feedings satisfy her; clearly she's hungry and not simply seeking comfort. I pretty much nursed her from 5 to 11 last night. Thursday night involved a lot more feeding than usual. I'm gearing up for a lot of boob time this weekend too. Do mention it to your dr, but it should pass.
    Get some rest when you can. ;-)
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  • Yep, I have an easy DS this time around and I still spent all of Friday on the couch with a boob in his mouth. He was eight weeks Saturday. There's also a Wonder Week at eight weeks! LO is learning new stuff.
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  • I second the wonder week app!  It has some great info


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