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My LO is going to be 3months old on april 4th. He is currently on similac sensistive and regular tommee tippee bottles. He still spits up and has colic. I was hoping to get some honest advice on bottles.

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  • Thank you. I tried a dr. brown's last night and the level one nipple was too fast he choked. I was thinking of getting preemie nipples for it. I was going to give the tommee tippee added comfort a try or the Playtex ventaire. just needed some help.

  • My lo has a lot stomach upset spitting -I switched different formulars and used dr brown bottle and nipple ; started the colic calm gripe water branch yesterday and this seems to help
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  • We use Tommee Tippee Anti Colic bottles. I don't notice a difference between those and the regular ones. DD does fine using both. I do hear great things about Dr. Browns though.
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  • DS has reflux and has had his share of issues with discomfort and spit-up. We love Ventaire.

    We never tried Dr. Brown's.
  • We had same problems and ended up using Mam bottles (leak like hell if not put together right) or Avent bottles with the Mam #1 nipples (no leaks).

    We tried several different brands and mixes before we found something that worked.
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  • I second Dr Browns with preemie nipples.
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