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Anybody Else? (TMI)

My LO is 7 weeks old, and I have been having gas that would make a trucker blush. Does anybody else have this happening? How did you deal with it?? TIA!

Re: Anybody Else? (TMI)

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    My nurse after my second CS suggested hot tea with lemon or just hot water with lemon if you aren't a tea drinker. Drank it right away after that CS and my next one and did not have the problems I did with my first. I don't know if it works or I just was lucky but it's worth a try.
  • You could try some infant massage. I believe last time I looked at some you tube videos.  Also I raised one end of bassinet/moses basket to have baby sleep in a more upright position, and rolled a little receiving blanket and placed under baby's bottom to keep them from sliding down (this I learned at the hospital)  
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