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Not sure if this is normal or what

DS who's 2 1/2 is having a strange obsession with showing himself. Idk how to handle this. I've told him before that he's to not take
His pants off unless he's going potty, getting changed or taking a bath. And he'll still do this. It's especially embarrassing when I'll have friends over with their kids. And one kid comes out saying that my DS took his pants off and is grabbing himself should I be worried? I've put him in time out and taken him away from the situation and explained how naughty that is but it's just a game to him.

Re: Not sure if this is normal or what

  • Have you explained that those are his private parts not to be showed to other people?  As for time-out I would take it up a notch.  Either immediately leave the situation (even if that means going home early, a few times of that and he should get the message that his fun is cut short) or if you are at home make him go to his room or stay with you and not playing with the other children.

    Try not to react, just calmly say something like "DS, we do not show our private parts to other people, tell your friends you are sorry and we will go home". 

    My friends son doesn't respond to time-outs, he thinks they are funny (he likes to harm others; hitting, biting, throwing hard objects at your head).  So she implemented what I said above, one time she left the restaurant before the food arrived.  She doesn't have a big reaction either, just a statement such as "Well, you hit your friend in the head with a stick so you are not allowed to play anymore.  Go tell your friend you are sorry and then we are going home."  He is then given about a minute to say sorry, she quickly figured out that sometimes he'd just stand there smiling at the hurt child (sometimes laughing) instead of saying sorry.

    Since she started this his instances of hurting somebody on purpose have dropped dramatically.  Just so we are clear, it's not the normal toddler hitting he is doing.  He gets this evil gleam in his eye and then picks up something heavy and hurls it at a child while laughing like crazy.  Or he'll bite you and look up at you smiling (while still latched one with his teeth) and when you get him off he'll laugh.
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  • I vote normal.  It gets him attention.  If you responded the same way to him showing you his elbow, he'd do it.  Honestly, I'd treat it like any other private activity - don't pay special attention to it, and direct him to wear it is appropriate (in his room or in the bathroom).  Then, if he does it where he shouldn't, you take him to somewhere he can, and say "when you're ready to put your pants back on, come back out and join us".  No big deal.
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  • Jenni Yah Ill def a different method to get his attention that his behavior isn't okay. Especially around little girls I just don't want that happening and then the parents upset with Me cuz my son is learning about himself. As far as ur friends little guy that's scary and concerning with his bahavior. Hopefully she can get him under control and he stops that type of behavior.
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