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Kiinde Twist - how many bags a day for 3mth old?

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I bought the Kiinde Twist breastmilk storage system and was hoping someone could shed light on how many bags are used daily for a 3 mth old (when i'll be returning to work). Each bag holds 6oz-can I warm up the bag and keep the unused portion in the bag refrigerated for later in the day? Just need to know how many bags to buy so Im prepared!

Re: Kiinde Twist - how many bags a day for 3mth old?

  • Couldn't tell, are those bags reuable or single use? Obviously that will impact how many you will potentially use.

    Here's a link to info on breastmilk storage; has a link on the page itself regarding reusing breastmilk (which is as close of an answer to your question of saving unused milk that I saw):

    on moible so cannot see, did you already have baby? If not yet, would order a small amount now & more later on once you've use the system and know that it works for you (pumping/nursing does not work for everyone & I know that my initial plan for storage didn't work the way I thought. I now do the Medela vials - is not perfect but works for me. Didn't start using those until around 9mo though). To help you estimate amount needed: www

    I know a mom who'd pump 18 plus ounces in a session (she was exclusivly pumping due to latch issues), I am more of a 3 to 6 ounce person and have been all along. Even at over a year, my daughter has yet to drink more than 5 ounces at a time (yet eats just fine). We did best with 2 or 5 ounce bottles - didn't need bigger. Know other babies that were downing 8 ounce bottles &still wanting more. Every child is different.

    Have you checked out the breastfeeding board, or KellyMom? Those resources I found useful when I was in the early stages. In terms of being prepared, would say being flexible and investing a minimal amount of $ into the system until you know it works for you.
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