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Crazy Creepy Bump Stories

A post below got me thinking - share your real life true craziest bump stories...

And, GO!

Re: Crazy Creepy Bump Stories

  • On one of my BMB, there were a few moms who had a GTG. One of the moms then told her husband she was doing another meetup with the moms from the board again. When she didn't return a few days later, the H called one of the moms. She was like, "Huh? I'm not with your wife. We didn't take a trip to Chicago to meet another mom." Then he found out she was using our BMB moms as an alibi. She really was meeting up with another man, and decided NOT to come back home to her husband and child. It was crazy cakes. And all the moms on our BMB were up in arms at the trickery she tried to pull using them. Creepy.
  • Okay so some of you might now of the mod washingtonqueen. Well shes been an active member for a long time. Were in the same bmb and a few months ago someone from her old bmb showed up posted a shit ton of personal private baggage of hers. Well we revolted against this poster till they edited the post and we turned it into a giant love fest for wash. Thats the best ive got.
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  • What's AE?
  • @Tig594 alternate idenity i dont actually know what the e stands for but an ae is a regular poster with several accounts
  • Alternate Ego

    We had one of those on another BMB -- it turned out she was this public figure on a radio show and was totally nervous that everyone was going to out her!
  • Some aes are funny some you want to punch in the face
    [Deleted User]
  • Sounds entertaining!
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