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rant/stupid ticker

I cannot change my ticker to save my life. It's supposed to display that Liliana is 6 months old now and not that I'm 68 weeks pregnant....grrr. I've saved it numerous times it's not wroking. what do you have to do????
Liliana Seraphina born 9/5/2103

Re: rant/stupid ticker

  • lurchbaby said:
    You'll have to sell your soul and your first born to get it to switch. 
    LOL lurchbaby, well I'm not selling my soul or my firstborn! So I guess I'll just have to deal with it! 
    Liliana Seraphina born 9/5/2103

  • Bumpjackie said she'd fix mine if i sent her the link. I've just been too lazy in what precious little down time i have.
    MinnesotaMomma91[Deleted User]
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