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Hooray to finding this board!

Hi! So happy to find this board! I have a 6 year old with severe food allergies. Originally thought she had Celiacs, that is still the diagnosis. But we have experienced lots of anaphylactic reactions. So far wheat, oats, dairy incl. eggs, soy, and rice have triggered reactions. We carry 2 epi pens. Have had lots of people not understanding how serious it is. Family and we did try daycare, they had to call 911 on her first day. Oh yeah, cats. We had a 911 call two months ago. Turns out cats can cause an anaphylactic reaction. Her mouth was covered in hives, she couldn't breath. So happy to have moms to talk to here!

Re: Hooray to finding this board!

  • Hey, welcome to the board. DS has the EpiPen for his severe egg allergy, and he also tested positive for soy, wheat, dairy, corn, sesame seed, and peanut -- though the allergist doesn't think these are as severe.

    It is scary when others who could possibly be care takers of your LO don't take is seriously. My sister, who has a 15 year old with severe peanut allergy, is still educating folks that even dust from a peanut can trigger a deadly reaction to her son. But the good news is that he's done well since being diagnosed as a toddler. I find that encouraging.

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  • I think my biggest fear as when she is next year. It will be her first time eating lunch at school. Kindergarten didn't even have snack so that worked well. Now she will have little friend offering her bites of things maybe? We have drilled it into her and she seems to speak up for herself. She will ask, does that have gluten, does that have egg, etc? But I am so scared for what she does in a peer situation. Thanks for the welcome!
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