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Mommaroo and rockaroo

Have Any of you had a Mommaroo or rockaroo? What did you think?

Re: Mommaroo and rockaroo

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    I've got a Mamaroo and loved it. Just beware that once LO can sit up at about 6 months you can't use it. My only gripe on it is I feel like it's hard to sell when you are done.
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    We have a momaroo and (for us) it's great! We live in a 2BR condo, so the space saving for us was a big deal.  Our LO naps in it still and I like that you can plug your ipod/MP3 player in and it will pay the music. That said, I know a few ppl whose LOs didn't love it so much. . .
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    I have the rockaroo but haven't used it yet (I have 4 weeks left). I liked the mamaroo but felt it was large and that I wouldn't use all the different settings. The rockaroo seemed more like a standard swing which is what I was looking for.
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    Love our mamaroo. LO is 4 months still use it almost daily
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    We got our Mommaroo from friends who had triplets, who got it from friends of their's who had twins.  Needless to say, all 5 babies HATED the Mommaroo.  We use it in the second floor of our home, in the loft, and keep the swing on the first floor.  Our son was not crazy about it at first, but likes it now-at 3 months.  Wondering if our friends gave up on this gadget too quickly.  However, they are expensive-and not sure I would want to pay the cost for a new one.
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    amiefamief member
    We have a mamaroo and it has been great.   It isn't the same as a swing, moves too slowly, but it has a nice small footprint and is a great place to put the baby down when you need to.  The motion will still rock my son to sleep at 6 months.  He is just about to the point though where I can't use it anymore.    The rockaroo wasn't out when DS was born, but I think I'd go that way if I were to get one now.  Or I'd look into getting a used mamaroo.  You can buy separately the fabric cover and replace it if you are concerned about that with buying one used.  
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