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10 things... (Pt 2)

That make you deliriously happy.  Let's here 'em!

1.  Waking up in the morning with DD either snuggling me or climbing on me.  I am NOT a morning person but this doesn't bother me one bit. 

2.  Making DD smile (since she really doesn't actually laugh much yet) and being silly with her. 

All 10 of my posts could easily have to do with DD...but I'll switch it up some...

3.  Publix fried chicken.  LAWD I miss Publix!

4.  Slow dancing with a man I have deep feelings for.  Probably the best memory I have with BD.

5.  Spending time with my extended family.  

6.  Roller coasters.  The bigger the better.

7.  Traveling.  I want to go back to Europe and definitely hit Hawaii before I croak.

8.  RANCH DRESSING!  And A-1 sauce.  And French Onion Dip.  Not eaten together.

9.  Fairs, festivals, and a good craft show.  Can you say funnel cake???  Yet another reason to love the midwest.

10.  A really good A1c.  It's a diabetic thing.  

Re: 10 things... (Pt 2)

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    1. Interacting with bentley in any way. Hes so funny and hes always making me smile.

    2. Waking up with bf. He has the craziest morning hair which makes me laugh but morning is the only time hes really snuggly and i enjoy snuggling with him and our boys first thing in the morning.

    3. Watching ds interact with his.cousins and uncle he has the biggest smile when he plays with them.

    4. Doing hair and makeup. I love cosmetology there is nothing like it

    5. Wingers sticky fingers, i miss them. They were so fucking good.

    6. I used to love sitting at the beach with my bestie after a bad day drinking a beer. I miss her and i miss just
    chilling drinking a beer with her

    7. Reading the harry potter books. I get so lost in them that i can actually picture everything going on better then a movie

    8. Minnesota state fair, nuff said

    9. Country music, it makes me happy and noatolgic

    Eta 10. Eating midwest comfort food
  • I've heard you have a great state fair.  There is an awesome one in Massachusetts, too.  They have butter sculptures or something.  I've never seen that but it sounds like a blast.
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  • We got snoopy sculpturs and anything you can think of fried on a stick. We rule the state fair, plus we have lumberjacks
  • 1. When my DD is in a good mood. I don't care if she's laughing or making loud noises or just talking a mile a minute, seeing her happy makes every bad thing in my life disappear.

    2. That moment when you wake up and realize you still have two hours before you need to be awake and can go back to sleep.

    3. Thinking about falling in love. I often just daydream about what it would be like to be in love with someone and the feeling I get from that is so comforting. I imagine being old and grey and happy with some nameless, faceless person. I've got a lot of love to give, just need the right person to give it to.

    4. Kittens.

    5. When I actually lose weight instead of gaining.

    6. The feeling of having a nice clean house.

    7. Listening to music in the shower. I have a little bluetooth shower radio and I love just getting in the shower and dancing around like a fool where nobody can see me.

    8. The feeling I get from having a really good, deep, intellectual conversation with someone. 

    9. Running. When I could actually do it, before I got too fat and it started to become painful.

    10. Gardening. Which reminds me, I need to start a's been years!
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    Throwing leaves <3
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    @tig594 OMG. I am SO looking forward to Publix Fried Chicken. I eat their tenders on a sub with extra pickles and mild buffalo sauce. Orgasmic.

    1. My LO. Because she is beautiful and sweet and awesome and ManChild can kiss our asses.
    2. Running
    3. Country music
    4. Living in DC/On my own (I hate being away from my family esp now, but I love being independent)
    5. Lavender
    6. Hi-Chew
    7. Cooking & Baking (though I don't have time for it now)
    8. Grilled Cheese
    9. Eos Chapstick
    10. Sweet Tea. Can't live without it. 

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  • @Eg214 i fuckin love eos chapstick. And their shaving lotion
  • 1. The fact that I could be pregnant (though probably not).
    2. My work
    3. Eating. I don't like cooking, but I love eating.
    4. Pole dancing. I started last month and I'm shit at it, but its really fun.
    5. The Green Bengal Chicken that an Indian restaurant near my parents live makes. Never even seen it anywhere else, but its amazing.
    6. My kitten, even if she does bite my fingers.
    7. Good sex.
    8. Spending time with my little cousin. We're more like sisters than cousins, since she's closer to me in age than to her sister, and I don't have a sister, and we grew up living really close to each other.
    9. The beach.
    10. Chessington Theme Park. Its really near to me now, so I go all the time.

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    1. When LO wakes up in a good mood, smiles, and says " good morning mama! I huv you!" Melts my damn heart

    2. Science!

    3. Vacation

    4. Bar Harbor, Maine

    5. The ocean

    6. Campfires

    7. Seafood

    8. Awesome sex

    9. Logical conversations with educated/ knowledgable people

    10. Baby animals!

    And now I want fried chicken!!

  • 1. DD's laugh.  She doesn't laugh often, usually the gaping smile.  When she does laugh, though, it makes my heart jump a little.

    2. My BF.  He's the absolute sweetest guy, I'm so lucky to have him.  DD is so lucky to have him.  I honestly can't think of a better father figure for her.

    3. animal lovers.  It brings my faith in humanity when I see people go out of their way to save an animal that is on the verge of death.  Or even the way they care for their own pets. <3

    4. dinosaurs.  I believe my inner child is a 4yr old boy.

    5. I also LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE bonfires. If I had a firepit in my backyard, I would have a bonfire every day of the year, regardless of the season.

    6. Cooking.  @alliealba perhaps we'd be perfect roommates because I love cooking and don't eat much.

    7. Coffee. The 14 months I went without it nearly KILLED me.

    8. My mom.  The past 2 years we got really close and it's been so great. 

    9. camping.  While I *love* winter, I like summer only for camping. I wish I could go to the dunes this year, but I'm not sure that will happen.

    10. drama queens.  Yeah, they're stressful, but their lives are so sad, how do you not just sit back and laugh at how stupid people can be?
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