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School-Aged Children

Liar, liar, pants are just soaked in pee.

I'm expecting my first with my fiance who already has 1 DD, 4 years old, of his own. However, he also takes care of her stepsister, 8. They both come over and stay with us every other weekend..

Since my fiance and I have been together, the SS has always had an issue of wetting her pants. Last summer at summer school, she had to change almost every day. Her mother has talked to her about it, my fiance has and I have too. We tried to explain that she's going to get made fun of for peeing and pooping in her pants. She says she doesn't feel it, but the other day while out shopping she was squatting on the floor. I told her twice to get up off the floor and when my fiance finally had to tell her, she stated rapidly that she had to go to the bathroom. It's like she's embarazed to say she has to go.

I thought the going in the pants was bad enough, she's started to lie about it and other silly things. She begged us to watch Frozen because she's never seen it. As were watching it, she turns around and says I already saw this movie.

We have to sit her down every other Friday and tell her that she'll get something good if she behaves. By Saturday morning she's breaking the same rules. I'm getting exhausted from telling her the same thing every other weekend and having the same results.

Is it just the age?


Re: Liar, liar, pants are just soaked in pee.

  • Well, my fiance isn't a stranger to her. He brought her over from Mexico when she was 1 yr old. Her biological father left after she was born, so my fiance took a huge step into her life. She'd probably still be family-less in Mexico if he hadn't saved her. But, I appreciate the advice. She does need to see a doctor and I've expressed this to the mother but she doesn't speak english and its a complicated situation. I'm going to look into those books. Thank you!
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  • I don't think anyone was suggesting that you and your FI are the ones that are causing the instability.  It seemed pretty clear like you guys were trying to watch out for this poor kid and take an interest in her.  But that doesn't mean her life hasn't been fairly chaotic.

    Not sure about your area, but I live in a suburban area with a large Spanish-speaking population and lots of recent immigrants.  The girl's mom needs to find a doctor who speaks Spanish and who has a track record of working with patients who have undocumented families (if that's the situation.)  

    You can't take the child to the doctor, but you might be able to use your connections to find a doctor this mom could trust!
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