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XP: Fluoride?

DD (2 yrs old) is going in for her first dental check up next week and they asked if we would like her to get a fluoride treatment. I said I wasn't sure yet, that I would look into it. I've found arguments for both sides. I normally buy fluoride-free toothpaste for DH and I, but I think it's different for children (DD doesn't yet brush with toothpaste). What do/would you do? Do you have any good resources that helped in your decision? TIA!
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Re: XP: Fluoride?

  • The American Dental Association now recommends infants get a smear of fluoride toothpaste when brushing their teeth - rice grain sized total amount since so many kids are getting cavities. They changed their stance to recommend that this year. And if they aren't drinking much of the tap water (infants still with bottles, toddlers who drink primarily milk, etc.) it is a good precaution. If you aren't comfortable doing it every time then every other or a couple times a week would still be better than none at all. (Note: get the tiny kids sized ones - my son was not at all in favor of mint, but the, to me gross, kid's berry flavor was a big hit)

    I would rather have that extra little defense going in favor of my child's teeth than risk cavities or worse with baby teeth since they are so important and I want my son to have a good impression of the dentist as he grows rather than experiencing fillings.
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