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hi everyone, i'm new to this board (but not to IF), so wanted to introduce myself. I'm 39, have a 15 month old DS who is a delight and amazing. We conceived naturally after trying for 2 years and planning to do IVF. I got pregnant in between initial appointments at the IVF clinic. As i'm getting a little long in the tooth for TTC and because it took so long last time, we've started TTC #2, even though i'm still BF'ing and TIRED. i'm hoping this time 'round it'll be a shorter stay, as TTC #1 was fairly hellish. A question (pretend i'm 5, here): i've been using the CBEFM and have been getting wonky results the past couple months (essentially no peak days), but having regular periods, with an average 28 day cycle. i haven't been temping or checking CM, is it possible i'm getting my period without ovulating, or is the monitor missing something? the truth is, my FMP is probably not all that great as i'm up a lot during the night, drinking water and going to the bathroom. Any ideas? thanks for your help, everyone!

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  • Breast feeding will affect your hormone balances- I think it's different for everyone, but maybe that's why your monitor is giving you strange results. And the inconsistent sleep schedule probably doesn't help!! I don't know what that says about ovulation, though. Maybe your OB or RE could shed some light on it. I know in the last I have heard women say their REs have told them to wean before TTC again.
  • Also, does FMP = first morning pee (I usually see it as FMU). Some people get clearer results if they test later in the morning/early afternoon. My morning OPKs don't look so clear but around 2-3 pm there's no question.
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  • Annibes had great responses, I agree the BFing is affecting your hormones to an extent, though I would probably bank on you Oing every cycle, since you are getting your period regularly. 

    If you really have no idea when you might be Oing, I would try sex EOD from around CD11, until CD18 - 19. There's not much else you can do, unless you want to start charting temps, and checking your CM regularly.

    Good luck. 

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  • Wow, thanks, everyone! I'm going to take all of your advice. And yes, lol FMP=first morning pee! I'll use FMU from now on....:)
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