I am going to be starting this to prevent another preemie after my water broke unexpectedly at 32 weeks.  I have seen discussions of this before and generally everyone says there are no symptoms.  I have HG and feel so sick (and throw up a lot) during pregnancy.  It tends to get better for me right about the time I am going to be starting the injections.  If this makes me sick, I don't think I can take it.  My baby has been neglected for weeks, the house is falling apart, and I have to have some good weeks before we get another baby.  I seriously doubt that if progesterone in my body is so high that it's responsible for my sickness that I need more, but I think usually estrogen is blamed for sickness rather than progesterone.  Can anyone tell me if they saw any morning sickness type symptoms when they started this?  Also, I am going to be teaching for 12 hours straight the day after the injection.  Does anyone see any problem with this?  Thanks!

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  • My disclaimer is that I used progesterone injections before being pregnant and all first tri due to IVF. No clue if it's the same...

    That being said, I didn't have any symptoms besides a sore tush!

    Good luck!!
  • I took the shots from weeks 16-36 with DS. At first, there were some hormonal issues, but it's kind of hard to tell if that was because of the shot or just normal pregnancy stuff.

    The first few weeks I definitely had some soreness at the injection site (don't walk around a store just after getting it!), but that could be because of the skill of the person giving it.

    Obviously everyone's reactions will be different, but I've never heard of anyone having vomiting from it.

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  • I had the suppositories early on in my pregnancy. I think it just enhanced regular early preg symptoms such as sore breasts and mild cramping.

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  • Wandering in as an off-board lurker. I've had progesterone supplementation in the first trimester- both suppositories and injections, and progesterone 17 injections in the second/third trimester to prevent preterm labour. The only side effects are soreness at the injection site (and that's actually much less with the P17 weekly shot than with daily P4 in the first Tri), an annoying headache for a day following my first two injections (no headaches with any of the rest) that responded well to Tylenol, and a day or so of sleepiness following the first two injections- again, not a problem once my body adjusted. No additional nausea, vomiting, or really anything else. And I give the injections serious credit- I've had minimal contractions for the entire 10 weeks I've been on them- only one trip to L&D and that was for dehydration induced sickness/contractions. Nothing to do with the shots.
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  • I've been on them for 15 weeks now. I was worried about having nausea, too. The nurse said that p17 didn't affect your body the way other hormones (like in b/c) do. It has held true to me. I haven't noticed any side effects other than a sore, itchy injection site.

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  • LucyRicardo3LucyRicardo3 member
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    I had 17p injections with pregnancies 2 through 4 since I had preterm labor with my oldest and he was born just prior to 36 weeks.
    I was so sick during preg 2 and 3, but never ever got sick with 4th. I also had to take oral progesterone the first few weeks. Usually I'm the Zofran queen.
    The injections do hurt like the devil. However, ask the pharmacist or nurse to give you the smallest gauge needle possible; since the meds are so thick they can't give you a tiny one, but I had less pain when they would use the smaller needles..size 16, I think.. I could be way off there.
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  • Regarding @LucyRicardo3‌ comment about pain, what I found that works really well is to warm up the vial of progesterone before using. What I did, which might be weird/tmi, was put it under my boob for about 10min. When it's warm, it's thinner, which seemed to hurt less. Also, dart the needle in instead of a slow push--the harder/faster, the better. Oh, and rub the area out when you're done...prevents a welt from forming.

    They aren't fun by any means, but they aren't that bad really. Good luck!
  • @ashleymarie512 , oh, I wish someone would have suggested that to me, lol.. That would certainly help, since some times the soreness would last for days
    However, my OB's nurse gave me the injections, and I would leave my meds there so I wouldn't forget to bring it with me every time. So perhaps..maybe there would still be a way to warm it up for someone else that has to go to a dr office? I would definitely ask!

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  • I had the shots and my only side effect was sore itchy butt.  I would see no problem with teaching afterwards.  I found the more active and busy I was afterwards the more it kept my mind off my sore itchy butt.


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  • I've taken a lot of progesterone during 2 years of fertility treatments and for 3 months of my pregnancy. I also was a teacher throughout that time. I don't think work was any more difficult because of the progesterone. I found that I was maybe a bit more irritable than usual, the shots hurt, and the supps are...gross. That was it for me.
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