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XP Weekly DD update

So Reese had a wonderful week this week. The new port got put in last week, and the chemo started up again--so her doctor officially lifted house arrest. We went out a few times this week, and even had a playdate with a friend. (Which was the first time she saw a friend since January 12th, when we went to the hospital). The experience with being sick and all the hospital visits, had an opposite effect on Reese and made her NOT shy at all. She is not reserved anymore, and just loves having visitors and people over. 

In fact yesterday her friend was over (who has a pathological fear of doctors) and Reese was running after her yelling: "It's time for your check up! I need to listen to your heart. Don't worry, it is just a little pinch!". Poor friend. 

Amazingly, at least right now she is handling the chemo well. I was joking on Wednesday, she had chemotherapy AND general anesthesia for a spinal tap, and never took a nap. She seriously was bouncing off the walls all day long. She hasn't had any signs of nausea yet either. (she does take zofran daily though, so I think that works) Her hair is falling out quickly though, I anticipate it gone within 2 weeks  

Right now we go weekly for chemo and then we give her oral chemo at home. We also have to give her injections, which I HATE. Luckily, she doesn't seem to mind them that much--we have numbing cream for her skin, so she gets more mad that she is forced to sit on someone's lap then the actual shot. 

Here are some new pics:
My daughter is my hero.
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Re: XP Weekly DD update

  • Yay for a good week! The little Wendy outfit... It kills me. I love your updates on Facebook as well!

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  • I am so glad she is doing so welll.


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  • She is absolutely beautiful. Happy for all the updates!!!



  • What a little toughie! So glad to hear she is doing well and she is freaking adorable.

    Our Little Raspberry Born 3/27/12
  • I'm glad she had a good week. She's so adorable.

    I just saw a new product, Buzzy, on Shark Tank that numbs the injection site. I know you said it isnt bad for her, but I thought I'd mention it for future reference.

    https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/1e/60/2a/1e602a4261a90b9c761ebe748b780318.jpg    https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/47/2c/07/472c076006afed606241716dd0db828a.jpg 
  • Awww she's so brave and sweet. What a cutie!
  • She's such an inspiration-going through all this crap and still smiling and cute as ever!! Love her tutu and boots!

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  • So glad you guys had a good week! :)
    Lilypie - (KNqh)
  • I love seeing these updates! God, what an amazingly strong and resilient little girl you have. More positive vibes coming your way, mama...you're doing awesome!!!
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  • I love this update. What an amazing little girl!

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