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Baby Is here....finally (and he has a name-in OP)

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K: so, it went a little something like this...

Checked into hospital at 8:30am today. Got monitored for an hour or two, started pitocin...things were fine.
They kept upping it to get things going...and things finally got a little intense around 2pm.
They checked me - 6cm.
Around 3:45pm I was having a tough time, and they checked again just after 4pm...9cm.
Couple more contractions and they told me to push.
Doc came in, and delivery was at @ 4:15pm.
9 lb 2 oz, 23 inches long - and I did it my way, and without an epidural.

We think we have a name, but not I'll add that later when it's decided.

I'm tired and tired. But here's a pic.

ETA: it's a BOY!!

2nd ETA: his name is Isaac.
Took us a while. We had a girl's name picked out going into the hospital, but were completely undecided on a boy's name we agreed on.
And of course, we had a boy!!
...and here's a pic of him this morning. (Just 'cause I made ya come back to look)

Re: Baby Is here....finally (and he has a name-in OP)

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