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Baby brezza?

I have the baby brezza formula pro and I'm thinking about getting the baby brezza prima to make baby food for my ds. Has anyone used it and if so what do you think of it?
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Re: Baby brezza?

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    I want to offer a different opinion than the last poster. We don't have a Brezza; we have a NUK Fresh Foods, and we love it. We didn't have a food processor or immersion blender, so we would have had to buy those too. We considered it, but decided that we would rather have an appliance that also steams the food for convenience. We have been using it for three months so far (since LO was 6 months old), and will be using it at least another month or two for purees, as LO is currently refusing most finger foods. However, it won't become a useless tool after that. We will continue to make him fresh applesauce in it rather than buying jarred applesauce. Also, we plan on doing other fruit sauces for things like pancakes as a healthier alternative to syrup. Finally, we will probably going to use it to make smoothies too because it comes with a smoothies blade. It will most likely continue to be used until it croaks.

    So if you are interested in the Brezza specifically, I would go to Amazon and check out reviews there, but baby makers in general I definitely think are worth it if you want the convenience factor.
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