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Gift for a "baby naming" ceremony

Not quite sure what the parents are calling the ceremony, but essentially it's a non-religious celebration of the baby.

Ordinarily for a baptism, I would get a sentimental type gift, the kind of thing you keep. Perhaps a nice book of children's stories, or a bunnykins bowl. I know, however, that the parents are feeling a bit strapped for cash and would find something practical like clothing really useful.

So what type of gift do you normally give for baptism/naming ceremonies? I know the parents are not expecting any gifts.
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Re: Gift for a "baby naming" ceremony

  • hmmm, in this case I would bring something small since I wouldn't consider it a gift giving event necessarily. My gift of choice in situations like these it a cute outfit and the board book "boss baby" by Marla Frazee. Someone got it for me one time and since that I purchase it for everyone since it is so hilarious/cute.

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  • When we had our son baptized we received a few checks for college his fund, but in my circle, thats what you give for a baptism... However knowing that the couple would appreciate something more useful now, i would go with an outfit, or a couple jammies or onsies, something along that line.
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  • If they're doing a traditional shower as well, I'd lean towards the more keepsake type of gift for a close friend/family member. For me that would probably be a handcrafted blanket or a very nice book. But I love buying presents for babies so multiple gifting opportunities are usually met with enthusiasm. If there's no shower- I'd bring a shower-type gift for a close friend/family member or a smaller practical gift (a cute outfit or a toy) for a more distant relationship.
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  • I thought 'Baby Naming' was a Jewish ceremony.  Boys have a Bris, girls have Baby Naming?

    Anyway, when I went to a Bris and Baby Naming once people did not bring gifts.  However, for our babies baptisms, some people brought religious gifts, others brought little outfits, baby toys, books or money.  I think anything you want to bring is fine.
  • I think a practical gift is a great idea.  For DS' baptism, we got clothes, blankets, books, picture frames and contributions to his education fund (very much appreciated).

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  • My circle is apparently the only one in which people don't give gifts for baptisms.  Huh.
  • I am Jewish (although married to an Athiest) and our first daughter's baby naming took place at my parent's home but was still a little religious in that the Rabbi said some blessings, etc... Some people brought gifts, others did not, it wasn't expected.  DD received things like books, a few toys, a couple of outfits... like that.
  • This may be tacky so forgive me bc I am really not sure, but what about a nice card with a Babies R Us gift card?  You could write a little poem with it indicating you want them to pick out whatever they need for baby. Just my opinion! If we needed essentials I would definitely appreciate that, and it might be easier than toting a huge gift bag to the ceremony.
  • It's a non-religious celebration? Is it a cultural one or one the parents made up on their own? If it's a cultural one, then I'd try to find out what their culture's etiquette calls for.
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  • No it's just a made up ceremony to welcome the baby into the family. They've gathered ideas from the internet and suggestions the celebrant has made. So no cultural references.

    Also the baby will be around 5mths old, so it doesn't tie in with the shower at all, which she had before baby was born.
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  • I don't think there really is a standard etiquette for made-up celebrations, so you can't really go wrong.
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