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Pi day

Happy Pi Day everyone! Anyone making a pie in observance? ;) What's everyone up to this gorgeous (in Chicago) Friday?

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  • I am making a pie! Can't wait. :) I'm just at home with LO, so laundry and taking care of him are the main priorities. Beautiful weather in my part of TX today, too!
  • @GnomeSweetGnome- and now the important question: what kind of pie?
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  • Didn't have time to bake last night, so I bought a Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup pie and brought it to work.
  • Eating the rest of this mint brownie pie I made earlier in the week :) http://ellysaysopa.com/2014/03/14/mint-brownie-pie-for-pi-day/

    I'm going to lunch with a friend, so maybe I should get pie then too...

  • It's the day before spring break, so our math teachers are celebrating Pi Day in their classes with multiple kinds of pie and some cheesy pi related games.

    No pie for me that I know of. Maybe I'll pick one up or we'll go out to eat. I mean, it's an important day to observe, right?
    Our sweet girl is 3!

    Lilypie - (R7Ux)

  • I take a shot for each digit of pi to celebrate.



    I can't get the ticker to work, but I have two sons:

    Baby RJ, born 1/25/2014

    Formerly Twilightmv
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  • Well now I'm going to stop and get the ingredients for Hilarity's S'mores pie. That thing has been taunting me since I bookmarked it.

    so many different types of sparrows 30 rock         

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  • My son's calculus teacher let the kids bring in pie (store bought only) and they watched The Life of Pi.  Of course an administrator picked that day to drop in on them.  But with as much work as he has been doing with those kids to get ready for AP exam and the amount of time DS has spent working at home they deserved a little fun.  

    Now I feel that I should stop and buy a pie for dessert tonight.  Trying to sell my house and do not want to wreck kitchen to bake a pie.

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  • No pies, but steak and BJ day today.  Maybe we'll go to a restaurant for the steak and have pie for dessert!  :)
    MH told me about this today and I thought he was making it up. 

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