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Help me shop!

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I am buying myself a pair of these:

Help me decide what colour, please and thanks! These are the colours I am considering:

Help me shop! 84 votes

26% 22 votes
23% 20 votes
dark ruby
39% 33 votes
I don't care
5% 5 votes
SS - explain
4% 4 votes

Re: Help me shop!

  • Purple



  • Odd man out-I like the Dark Ruby. I agree that black will match more, but it looks like a really fun, pretty color. 
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  • Dark Ruby!
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  • Dark Ruby. Black is boring.


  • I am torn between the black and the dark ruby :) Everyone seems to have the black, tho. And I could potentially wear the dark ruby with any colour but red/ pink...

  • Also, is there anyway to see the results of your own poll without voting?
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  • I have the ruby color and I wear them with pink.

    They go with more than you think.


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  • I'm a believer that boots like these should always be bought in fun colors. Dark Ruby!

  • I'd totally want a pair of these if they fit my stupid large calves. My calves can DIAF for being such a pita with tall boots. I hope you enjoy whichever color you picked. I chose black bc of the practicality but the other colors look nice too.

  • @bulbasaur359: they make the huntress for wider calves :)

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  • Accidentally voted purple, but my real vote is dark ruby.

    I'm normally a neutral color person, but these are a statement piece so I vote fun color!

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  • I have the dark ruby and love them. I wear them with quite a few different colors. It's dark enough to be almost a neutral. DD has the purple (we did kind of matching boots for my birthday present) and it's a pretty color, but not quite as deep.
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  • I have a Navy pair and they match so much
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