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Anyone have Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO?  How difficult is it with pediatricians, referrals to specialists, etc?


  • I do! I've found it to be very easy. I think it depends on your referring doctor though. For example, my OB just referred me to a neurologist. The neurologist is with the same hospital system so she just added the referral to my chart. Then when I called to make my appointment with the neurologist I just double checked to make sure they saw my referral and everything was fine.

    Then, I've also been referred to a specialist outside of that hospital system and my OB will put in for the referral and I received it in the mail in about 2 days. Then on that referral gave me instructions of what doctor and phone number to call. I've luckily had no issues.
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  • I don't have the hmo plan, but I manage a specialist healthcare practice and I will tell you, the ease or difficulty lies 99% with which hmo group you are with, rather than your doc. There are some groups we love because they are so easy to work with and others that are like pulling teeth or worse...
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