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Help me with shin splints

I am at my heaviest weight (180), and started to get into working out and running (jogging) again to get back into shape.  I was a runner YEARS ago, but haven’t really worked out in general too much in honestly, the past 7 years.  I had a working out spurt over the summer last year, but that was about it.  Anyway, I have been alternating jogging on the treadmill, doing the elliptical, and taking Tabata classes at the gym for the past three weeks, every other day.  When I started this 3 weeks ago, and felt like I was building my endurance, and getting a little stronger each time I worked out.  Then, this past Saturday, I went for a run outside, and I had terrible shin splits right away, that lasted the duration of the run (35 minutes).  I was actually just doing a walk/jog combo, because they bothered me so much.  Today, I did a Tabata class at lunch, and when warming up with a jog in place, I immediately had the shin splints again.  I feel like I’m going to be hindered in working out if they persist, and I don’t want to get discouraged. 

 It’s strange, because I ran outside one other time, the week prior, for about 40 minutes and felt great – no shin splints at all. 

 Are they happening because of the extra weight I’m carrying now?  Isn’t it weird that they just started after 3 weeks of getting back into the workout routine again, and not right away?  What can I do to help them, so I can continue to be active?

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Re: Help me with shin splints

  • A year old - I got them last year, right around this time.  I have really only used them during my workout spurt of a month or two last summer, and now.  Some in between, but not regular use where I was running or doing anything of hard impact.
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  • stretching before/after working out?

  • Definitely do the runners stretch before and after you workout, i.e. The one where you lean against a wall with your back leg straight and front knee bent. Keep both heels on the ground and toes pointed forward. Also, while sitting do toe raises, so lift your toes while keeping your heels on the ground and tap your toes. This helps to strengthen the Anterior Tibialis which is the muscle that is strained during shin splints. Also, it may be time to buy new sneakers and possibly orthotics. Are you flat footed? You can buy Dr. Schools inserts from any drug store. If you are flat footed, you may be over pronating which also makes you more prone to shin splints.
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