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Fisher Price Farm

DS has this and has appeared to lose interest. I pulled it out tonight and played for about 5 minutes. I will prob. put it away for awhile and take it back out at another time. Just curious, how old did your child play with something like this until? I know every kid is different and you can't go by the recommended age on the product.
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Re: Fisher Price Farm

  • The Fisher Price Farm was a big hit with my kid.  And he's not impressed easily.  I think he was about eighteen months when we bought it for him and he played with it frequently and for long periods of time.  He loved dropping the animals into the little silo and then opening the little door to get them out.  This love affair lasted about six months and then he dumped it without looking back.  I just took it over to the Good Will drop box last week.
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  • DS's bday is Jan 1. Being so close to Christmas, I usually put toys up for several months. We put some of the older toys up when we pull them out. Seems to keep him interested.


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  • DS got it for his first bday and doesn't play with it much at all. DD is 5, but 4 when he got it, and never had any interest in it.
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  • DS never played with his much but LOVES his sisters disney castle little people thing. They both play with it for hours.
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  • Mine got the farm at 15 months and really likes it.  I keep it in the spare room so he doesn't see it everyday so that may be what keeps him interested.  

    I will say I liked my fisher price farm from 30+ years ago much better than his.  Well, I liked my barn better but his animals and people are better.  
  • He may just be bored with it. You could try rotating his toys. It helps alleviate boredom. Usually when a toys is brought back out they will show renewed interest or even play with it in a new way (using new skills).

    If he still doesn't show interest then he may have just moved on to something else.

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