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4 year old immunizations

My daughter will be going in for a physical on Thursday and will be receiving her 4 year old immunizations. A friend of mine kept making comments to me about not letting her get her immunizations and how they cause autism and all kinds of other health problems and I just don't know what to think. I've heard about shots and the links to autism before but never really read up on it or felt concerned until now. What do you believe? And where can I go to get more info about this? Thanks! 

Re: 4 year old immunizations

  • What she ^^^ said for sure, but also since the autism 'theory' (cough cough) has to do with the immunizations before the age of 4 your LO has already had a lot of her immunizations and you should def keep going. I will say though, I didn't have my twins immunizations at their 4 yr visit b/c they were sick and then I realized the immunizations are actually for age 4-6, basically you need that set for K (assuming she is all up to date until now) so if you split them instead of doing all at one visit, it wouldn't be a big deal if it makes you feel better.  I'm waiting til spring & past sickness to get them for my kids & am on the fence about doing them all at once vs splitting, mostly b/c splitting = 2 visits and 2 opportunities for breakdowns (x2 kids) but this set does seem like a lot of them at once so I might just split them.

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  • The autism link has been disproven 1000x over....
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  • You know what vaccines do?  They prevent your child from contracting a potentially fatal, preventable disease.  Weigh that against any of the risks (real or imagined).  

    Check out where you live on the map.  That might help you decide.  
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