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Coming out of lurking...

I am a mom to 3 boys, yes I know my tickers are all crazy but it will never change on the computer no matter how many times I change it.
I lurk mainly for me thanks to developing food allergies to pretty much everything with no explanation to why!

My question is about my youngest though, every time we try to introduce baby food his eczema flairs up and he gets a diaper rash.

We have tried rice cereal and oatmeal. Are there any alternatives I'm missing? We haven't even introduced food yet for fear of allergies if he is reacting to the "simple" stuff already!

Re: Coming out of lurking...

  • I would skip the grains and move on to the fruits and veggies.  Most docs will frown upon allergy testing that young but they aren't the ones living with the allergy.  We took DS3 to a chiropractor who does allergy testing when he was 10 months old.  We noticed most of his problems started when we moved to more table food but I couldn't pinpoint the problem.  Turns out he has a gluten allergy.  I was a bit nervous to show it to the pediatrician since we went against what he told us but he was fine with it.  He even made a note to do more testing once DS3 is weaned.  He said it looked pretty clear that it was a gluten allergy and since DH was diagnosed with gluten intolerance about a month later there was some family history to make it even more probable. 
    Samuel  2.26.06 41w ASD/ADHD
    Eli  6.18.09 35.5w
    Silas  1.25.13 35.4w 10 days NICU, allergies/asthma, gluten intolerant

  • A lot of rice cereals and oatmeals contain dairy. How does your LO do with other forms of milk (BM or formula)?
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  • @light52‌ I've read that some baby foods even contain rice and wheat. I've always started them on simple grains mixed with BM then went straight to BLW. I guess I will just start trying food and see what he can tolerate.

    @LSU628‌ he is formula fed and is on Similac Advanced. He was put on Elocare by the GI specialist to see if it would help reflux but it actually caused a GI bleed so we are back on the Similac.

    Thank you for your input :)

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