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Re-introducing dairy and soy

LO is 22 months. Allergist recommended breast feeding dairy and soy free until he's two. Well, an oopsie lead to him eating some tomato soup with milk in it. He didn't react! So last time we were there, the allergist said to start with lactose free yogurt. Which we gave yesterday. He seems to be doing well! Where would you go from here? Lactose free milk? Regular yogurt? Baked in dairy? I want to keep dairy and soy separate right now so we know if he reacts which it is. Thanks!

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  • Our allergist had us start with baked dairy in very, very small (like pinky nail small) sized piece. Each day we made the piece a little bigger until we were sure she could tolerate. From there I believe we did yogurt, cheese, then finally milk. Lactose free milk/yogurt, etc. still have the milk protein, the just are lacking the lactose or sugar from the milk.
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  • I'm totally aware of that. She just said that yogurt is the most tolerable form of dairy and lactose free will help with easier digestion. If I accidentally get some dairy, I get an upset stomach now too. Your body gets used to not digesting lactose if you don't eat it. So it makes sense to me.
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    I wouldn't do straight lactose free milk until the end. Lots of people can tolerate baked in and cheeses because they are processed in some way but milk messes with them
  • We introduced dairy successfully at 15months. All was going well for about 3 weeks until we started on cow's milk. We ended up with 6 weeks of bad poo (at first mucousy, very frequent, and very mushy.) Now she's off dairy entirely again. - So just be very very careful with the cow's milk.
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