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Stupid time change

I loved the schedule we've had, of course now it's all messed up, I didn't do anything to prep for it (my fault). I was thinking about putting my guy down for bed at 7:30 new time (bedtime on old time was7:30) and then waking him up at 6:30 new time (he woke at that time on the old time) I'm hoping by doing that I can get him on his normal nap time. Has anyone tried this? Should I just leave it alone? Will he adjust back?

Re: Stupid time change

  • I'm leaving it as is. Bedtime was at 6, now it's 7. Also means he will be sleeping till 7am instead if 6am, seems like a win to me!
  • I woke him at 7 this morning put him down for a nap at 9:10 it's 10 and he's still awake, I'm thinking I might not fight it after today. We only have a couple things web do during the week but until he readjusts I guess we will figure. Something else out.
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  • How are you adjusting your LO?
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