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Hi All,

I am due in 4 weeks and will be trying for a VBAC but was thinking last night if I end up having to have a C-Section, what my medication options are. Of course I will ask my OB when I see her on Monday but thought I would ask here too. I had an epi-morph with DS but really hated the morphine and would like to avoid having to take it if at all possible. I do not like the way it makes me feel.
Any other options out there?
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Re: Medication Options

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    Do you mean during or after the CS? I had 2 with doramorph in my spinal and 1 without it. I will never go without it again, I was in crazy pain an hour after my c compared to 24 painless hours after the other cs's.

    After I did Percocet for just a few days then Motrin for about 2 weeks.
  • I had a spinal with all 3 c/s. The first time, I don't think I had morphine in it... But I did have an On-Q pain pump which basically delivers a steady dose of novacaine just under the skin for a few days after surgery. I had ZERO pain the whole time I was in the hospital with this + Percocet. The drawbacks were that it was annoying to have to carry the pump pouch around and in the shower. Also, it leaked the medicine all over my pjs so I had to keep a towel stuffed into my mesh panties to keep dry.

    The 2nd/3rd c/s they had stopped using the pumps and felt like the morphine did a better job. Both times, I had CRAZY itching afterwards. A little less the 3rd time b/c the gave me Benadryl ahead of time. BUT... I had some kind of crazy allergic reaction 5 days after surgery... Hives all over my body with a perfect ring around my spinal site. Can't help but think I was allergic to something in the spinal but we have no idea what it was!

    All three c/s, I had Percocet and Motrin for pain control at home. Only took Percocet for a couple days and then Motrin for a LONG time- just easing off the dose as my comfort level allowed.






  • spinal/morphine/ then percocet. (I took the percocet in the hospital for a couple days then switched to Motrin)

    I was so super itchy after it all.

    The morphine was great with the pain but I didn't like the haze I was in.

    Def talk to your doctor. I don't know what else there is. But I'm sure they will work with you!
  • i am super allergic to morphine so i didnt get any. I dont know what they used but i was never in pain. I would just tell your anestheiologist you dont like it and to use something else. before my c section i had a consult with anesthesia and we went over my plan since i am allergic and had concerns i am on perocet and ibuprofen now and feel great. i barely need them

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