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  • Good luck to all!!  :D  I have a recheck of the little guy's heart/face today (he wouldn't turn to show us a few weeks ago) and a recheck of my cervical measurements. 
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  • I'm gonna get a junior frosty and an ice water before my appt tomorrow ... I heard cold and sugary helps the baby be active and get all the measurements :)
    Oh that's a good idea.  Might have to do that!  When I had my a/s with DD, she just wanted to nap or something so she wasn't moving around enough to get all the measurements.  The tech kept jabbing my tummy to get her to move!
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  • Home from mine. Baby is officially confirmed a boy. He was spreading his legs for the whole world to see! He was such a bugger! He smiled a lot, waved, kicked, played! It was awesome! And we got lots of 3d pictures. I've never had a 3d u/s before so that was neat-o. He's weighing in at 1lb already! And perfectly healthy!! I couldn't be more happy! Another crazy boy to add to our family!
    WOOHOO! Congrats @jojobean86, that is fantastic news! I've been checking back all morning to see which of my ladies had their A/S done. I'm so stoked for you ♥♥♥ Enjoy that high the rest of the day!
    Thank you @literachick. You are so sweet!!
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  • to the tune of I'm a little tea pot

    I'm a special snowflake

    Here is my ute

    Look what's growing inside

    Isn't he cute?


    I know ultrasound pics aren't a fave around here, but I have no qualms about posting what's growing inside of my uterus! Everything looks fan-freaking-tastic. He is still a he, measuring right where he should. He has all his bits and pieces and no abnormalities were detected! Cervix still looking good! Bonus- SCH resolved and I can get some! I'm so relieved and over the moon!

    Here is Cillian Roy!

    Ultrasound pics should mos def be welcomed on the weekly a/s threads. I love seeing them. I wish someone would do a "show off your baby" thread. So cute. Congrats!

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  • ::Update:: It's a boy. His name will be Jimmy Xavier <3</p>

    Jimmy!!! I love the name. Congrats!!!
    Thank you. DHs name is Jimmy but he doesn't have a middle name lol

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  • so glad to hear about all the healthy babies! cant wait for tomorrow to see our LO again!
    [ Zoey <3 7.28.14 ]
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  • BW1088 said:

    Congratulations on all the other healthy babes so far this week!!  :D 

    Our scan went great for my cervical measurements (officially out of the "borderline high-risk" range, woot-woot!!!) and the little man participated a little better than last time.  He still refused to move enough to give us a clear shot of his face or heart, so another scan in 2 weeks to try and get what they need (I'm not complaining ;) ).  Such a little booger!  :x

    Funny thing:  I've been telling DH I can feel something almost "tickling" down very low (like something's going to pop out of my cervix!) and it's a super strange feeling.  Turns out, he has his hand down there (above his head, as he's head-down) and keeps reaching out toward my cervix.  During the internal part of the sono, he grabbed at the pressure from the wand.  Weeeeeeeeird feeling, but funny!  :\">

    Congrats on not being in the high risk range! I can't tell you how many times I've said this lo was going to be in matching band bc he stomps on my cervix and bladder. Turns out he's breech and kicking the crap out of my cervix. I think it's awesome when our explanations for weird feelings turn out to be right!
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  • So glad to hear about all the healthy babies!! Congrats!
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  • So excited for everyone! Congrats on all these wonderful healthy babies & getting to see them after waiting patiently for soooo long!!

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  • I am so excited for everyone (and super jealous, Wednesday at 5PM suddenly seems like a poor idea) and their healthy baby reports. I love the funny stories, this has made my week. Hope the snow prediction is wrong, because I don't think I could handle missing my appointment tomorrow!!!

  • Is this really gonna be the last week for peoples a/s? Guess we will need a new name/sex poll for all the silly people who got wrong predictions :)
  • DD JULY 16 late A/s due to appoint change from fam emergency tomorrow is the appointment and I'll be 22 weeks
  • Salsera29Salsera29
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    @summerlovin314 waiting for your update!! And am I imagining things, or is the end of July very boy-heavy?

    [Deleted User]allycheer00AllisonLaurenn
  • @Salsera29‌ it definitely seems to be boy heavy, but I am doing my part to equalize it! Baby Girl in the house! Everything is perfect, and we got to see her yawn on the ultrasound! It is so surreal. We are looking at nursery ideas this weekend and are going to open up the name discussion finally! Yay! So excited!!
    Yay congrats on your healthy girl!! :-)

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  • JayBzo said:
    I am so excited for everyone (and super jealous, Wednesday at 5PM suddenly seems like a poor idea) and their healthy baby reports. I love the funny stories, this has made my week. Hope the snow prediction is wrong, because I don't think I could handle missing my appointment tomorrow!!!

    So far, the two ultra sounds I had were during major snow storms in my area. After calling to be sure the facility was still open, I left early for my appointments, knowing others would cancel. I drove slow and took my husband's SUV and did good each time. Good luck, if it snows I hope you can still make it, I know how it feels!
  • Almost an hour late is my obs office :( I want to kick someone!
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