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happy weekend ladies

hope its great/productive/relaxing/fun all at once
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Re: happy weekend ladies

  • I wish! Weather is finally starting to get nice and I'm so sick...ugh stupid small office with sick people who won't stay home.

    Hope your weekend with Sammie is awesome!!!
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  • I'm getting groceries, doing laundry, preparing meals and relaxing.
    Just a week and a half til my due date.
    Appointment Monday to talk about setting up induction date.

    Enjoy your weekend ladies!!!
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  • We have been chilling for the afternoon. This morning, K and I went to story time. She decorated a to go with the story. Next weekend, Corduroy is coming to visit story time. Tomorrow is supposed to be almost 60°. A hint off spring. Super excited!

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  • Oh and we put a deposit on a mini van. DH will go pick it up in a few weeks when he goes to guard drill. Yay! We got an amazing deal. I will hear about how great it was forever from DH.

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  • beane4018 said:
    Leaving DS with my mom to go to Sonoma with DH. First time we've both left him overnight. I'm nervous... Never thought I'd be that person but I guess being a parent has changed me! Eek!

    I wanted to go up to viansa.. have you been ?  Very kid/pet friendly ... where did you end up staying?


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  • Had a little fight with DH today, so LO is exhibiting some sleep disturbance tonight, poor dear. AF showed up, which is very depressing. Will take more care this coming month to get timing right as we are TTC.

    I should be cleaning house and working on various projects etc. this weekend, but today I took LO's nap time to take a quick run (first one, really, since I was 8 months pregnant), and work on a little hat I'm trying to knit for her. We spent our afternoon in a new playground, and she and I had dinner at a Japanese place where she had sesame seeds for the first time. Turns out she also really likes pickled ginger and is nuts for braised eel. She spent a long time dipping chop sticks into a little dish of soy sauce and then licking the sticks. This led to an attempt to drink the soy sauce out of the dish, with corresponded with a really amazing "what the h#$% is wrong with this stuff" look on her face, and subsequent consumption of much water.

    She has such peculiar tastes. She loves swaths of foods I wouldn't ordinarily eat (she is nuts for asparagus..which...yick).  It's really fun to take her places and see what she likes. Earlier this week, DH made her something with jarred tika masala sauce and she went crazy for it. All of this to say, I'm going to take her over to this little strip of restaurants tomorrow and look for some interesting new foods for her to try. 

  • we ended up having a good day but not what we planned... I think I worked too hard to make her nap time work but last minute decided she could nap in the car while we drove out to a huge block sale we saw advertised.... waste of time on the block same, lack of good nap for her... but we salvaged it with Mexican lunch and family nap at home... no struggling to get her to sleep at 9 PM because we napped late... but all in all still OK...

    Tomorrow I was possibly going to a wheel of fortune event to try to get on the show (OK just to experience the fun of it) but looks like girls day might not happen, in which case maybe jack London farmers market...

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  • We enjoyed a full at together yesterday. My way of making it up to him after spending last weekend buried in progress reports. We went to his swimming lesson yesterday and he had a great time. Then he was in such good spirits we went to Gymboree to make up one of the many classes we missed while he was sick. I moved him up to the next level class and he had a ball! From there we went to Carter's and Gymboree clothing and picked up some things in the next size. (I am finally out of clothes...nothing stashed!) This was one of the first times I had to purchase clothes for him. Then we returned home. He fell asleep in the car but transferred well and slept almost 3 hours. By that point his new swing set was installed. It was so beautiful out we took him over to play on it despite the snow still underneath. He had such fun! Today the plan is to do some cleaning. We will go to church this morning. Then maybe Gymboree to Make up another class. Then DH and I have to do a good food shopping. I need to stock up on foods I am allowed to eat on GD diet. We will likely end with family dinner with DH's family.
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  • Happy weekend! It was a great one. We did the heart walk for my DH and his family came. That was so  great! His Dr's office staff was there as well. It was just a great day celebrating him. Then today we went to church, breakfast, the harbor, and the park. It was a gorgeous 80 degree day!
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