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Seeking OBGYN who delivers at NYU

Hello all, I'm looking for a good Brooklyn- or lower Manhattan-based OBGYN who delivers at NYU (which I've picked for its "Baby Friendly" certification). I moved to NYC recently and I do not have a doctor. Also, he/she would have to take Aetna. Any recommendation will help! Thank you. 

Re: Seeking OBGYN who delivers at NYU

  • I don't have a specific recommendation but on nyu's website they have a link to obgyn practices that have privileges to deliver there. There are about five. I think you just pick from those practices. If you look at each groups website they take different insurances. Hope that helps!
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  • Downtown Women's in SoHo is a great practice and NYU is amazing- just delivered there!
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  • If you're still looking my DH can give some names….he works at Aetna.  Message me if you're still looking.
  • I'm considering delivering at NYU, trying to decide in the next few days, any info would be appreciated on my end too!
  • I also wanted to deliver at NYU and needed to find a new OB as my old one doesn't deliver anymore. I also needed a practice which takes Aetna. I found Cityscape OB-GYN. They don't have amazing reviews online but I find them to be satisfying. It's a big NYU practice, you will rotate among 5 doctors so it's not very "personal" but I know they are all very good doctors. Works for me!
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    Coming to this discussion late. I delivered at NYU with Cityscape. I had my choice of docs for delivery because I had a scheduled section, so I was happy about that. I found the practice more accommodating to pregnant patients than those that aren't.
  • I'm also with cityscape and I love them. Dr. Rosenberg has been my gyn for a while. I love the fact that they rotate you between all the doctors, because you never know who will be available when you are ready to deliver, so you will know your OB when the time comes! I know so many women whose doctors were away when they delivered, and had no idea who was delivering their baby! But, cityscape is great and they take Aetna.
  • I just checked Downtown Women's in SoHo, and they aren't taking any new pregnant patients.  Any other ideas?  I have Oxford.  Thanks!!
  • I see NYU Maternal Fetal Medicine and plan to deliver at NYU.  My primary doctor is Dr. Schweizer but I rotate throughout the 5 doctors in the practice as well and will deliver with whoever is on call.  It's been a positive experience so far for me.  I'm due in July so we'll see soon!  Not sure if they take Aetna....
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  • I'm at the above my practice as well though I mostly see Roman, the high risk doctor. The longer in there, the more I like it.
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